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Економіка 10.груд..2019
Why the US military budget is dependent on Russian gas pipelines

Why the US military budget is dependent on Russian gas pipelines

In August, the U.S. imposed sanctions against two major Russian projects: “Nord stream -2”, and “Turkish stream.” A funny fact is that the frozen flow loss, so the likelihood that the Russian partners will abandon the completion of pipelines in multiples of zero.


However, newly introduced legislation against Russian gas pipelines laid in the draft defense budget, which was agreed to by the two relevant committees: the house of representatives and the Senate. The amount allocated for defence budget varies in the amount of 738 billion USD 658,4 billion USD of which will go to a program of national security Ministry of defence and the Ministry of energy. Also to 71.5 billion USD will be allocated for the financing of the program “Emergency operations abroad,” it is worth noting that this amount will include part of the costs of the opposition of Russia.


The essence of the sanctions is argued as “the protection of European energy security”, because in the American Parliament believe that thanks to the “Nord stream - 2” Russia will find new levers of manipulation of the European Union. Jim Risch, who is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on foreign relations, points to the fact that the sanctions will significantly affect the companies building the pipelines. Next, Rish continued, “I think the Russian will have to find other ways to do it — and if they do find.”


The Senator did not disclose the list of measures included in the main text of the document, however, focuses on the fact that the text of the document close to the option of sanctions, sponsored by Senator Ted Cruz. And this is the biggest dissonance, as Cruz said - “the failure in operation of the pipeline will bring Russia billions of dollars that will be used to Fund military aggression against America and against Europe”.


Despite the fact that the government of the Russian Federation categorically deny the political context of the projects (pointing to the purely commercial initiatives), the introduction of new sanctions by the US seem quite reasonable.

Автор: Вероника Лелюк