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Політика 10.груд..2019
The results of the Summit in Paris: to be continued

The results of the Summit in Paris: to be continued

Already this Tuesday, December 10 communique of the Paris summit, which was attended by the leaders of the “Normandy four” - Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel macron and Vladimir Zelensky. The community was presented to document that consists of three points:


  1. “Immediate measures to stabilize the situation in the conflict zone”;
  2. “Measures to implement the political provisions of the Minsk agreements”;
  3. “Continuation”.


The leaders of the countries of the European Union said that Russia needs to pay special attention to the Minsk agreement that the summit was called the Foundation for cooperation in the “channel format”, in addition, it was observed that all the leaders are interested in the coordination of the special status of the region in the center of Ukraine. An important fact is that the dilution of power in three new outlets in the Donbas is planned for the end of March 2020, also plans to open new border checkpoints within the next 30 days.


In addition, the leaders “channel four” I urge the heads of Ukraine and Russia to exchange prisoners “all for all”, so to speak, and preferably before the end of 2019. Then it will be necessary to provide Red Cross "full and unconditional access to all the held persons".


The very same Vladimir Putin spoke about the fact that the work was useful, and then thanked all the participants of the summit. The President then continued - “I want to thank the President of Macron for his initiative, that he and German Chancellor (Angela Merkel. — Approx. ed.) pay so much attention to this issue, which is not included in the direct scope of their responsibilities, but believes that it is important for all of us and for Ukraine, and for Russia, and for our neighbours in Europe.”


Vladimir Putin added that the document refers to the importance of direct dialogue between the parties to the conflict, and assured that Moscow would do everything to de-escalate. Then the emphasis was that in the final communiqué after a meeting of leaders “Norman Quartet” Russia has taken into account the absence of alternatives, in relation to the implementation of the Minsk agreements.


As for the situation in the Donbas, Putin said that certain goals achieved and the process is going in the right direction. Further, he added - “first, there was an exchange of detained persons, it was held. We have made divorce forces at three points, it took place. We met now in the "channel format" and discussed the very important a wide range of issues and many of them have made progress. This took place, so all this together gives us reason to believe that the process is moving in the right direction.”

Автор: Вероника Лелюк