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Terms of use

The user agreement includes a list of conditions governing the use of the content provided by the portal.


1.1. When using a news resource for its intended purpose, which is to study the material posted on it, the final visitor is obliged to comply with the terms of use, which relate to all major and related aspects. They should be read in advance to avoid possible disagreements with his administration.

1.2. The established conditions may change, and then immediately take effect.

1.3. If for some reason the user rules do not correspond to the interests of the visitor, then he is entitled to refrain from further interaction with the portal.


2.1. All published material is intended for non-commercial use and familiarization, is the intellectual property of the resource, as well as protected by copyright.

2.2. Brand names, logos and design of the portal are also protected by copyright and cannot be used by third parties for public or commercial purposes.

2.3. Various publishing houses or applications are allowed to use individual elements of the resource only if there is an open hyperlink and mention the original source of the text, the volume of which should not exceed 1,500 characters.

Custom stuff

3.1. Each user is obliged not to restrict access to the portal to other potential visitors.

3.2. It is forbidden to distribute content of a pornographic, slanderous or offensive nature, and also not related to the direct subject matter of the site.

3.3. When commenting on publications, the user is obliged to remain polite towards the interlocutors, without resorting to threats, psychological pressure or personal insults. Any content of undesirable nature can be removed or modified by the editors of the portal.


4.1. Promotional materials are published exclusively on a commercial basis. You can contact all questions regarding it by emailing [email protected]