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Economy 26.11.2019
War domestic retailers with eBay, Aliexpress and Amazon

War domestic retailers with eBay, Aliexpress and Amazon

“Community” online retailers in Russia, came to the conclusion that competition should be healthy, that is why I proposed a new bill that involves taxation of goods from eBay, Aliexpress and Amazon and other foreign companies.


Domestic online retailers do not quite understand what the liberation of the competitors from VAT and import customs payments for the sale of goods is the decision of the international Association of Internet Commerce (AKITA), and not the personal whim of big capitalists. Also, an important emphasis will be that are not taxed, only those goods which have cost thousands of euros and weigh up to 31 kg.


Representatives of the AKITA decided to introduce innovations in the Tax code and the law “On information”, they will indicate that the Roskomnadzor will be able to block sites of companies that refuse to pay VAT. An important emphasis: if the debt is paid off, the site will still be frozen for three business days.


The Association decided to make a similar move as it was a “tax on Google”, which began to operate in 2017. The Treasury will be replenished, now that foreign sellers selling electronic content or software through the Internet, will be required to register and pay VAT. The tax rate will be 18%, the same interest paid and Russian companies. Of course, in AKITA realize that such innovations may not like our foreign counterparts, so they will compromise and enter for eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc. the tax rate is 15.25% of the final price of the goods.


Artem Sokolov, who is the Executive Director of the AKIT, makes the emphasis on cooperation with the government, noting that this initiative is being actively discussed at the highest level. Also, Sokolov talks about what innovation was developed due to the request of the incumbent. The government believes that foreign market participants are obliged to observe the same legal requirements as Russian companies.

Author: Вероника Лелюк