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Society 18.11.2019
The myth of the existence of the middle class in Russia

The myth of the existence of the middle class in Russia

At the moment, the middle class in Russia is the most indebted social stratum. According to statistics, every fifth Russian has a loan for urgent needs. But this is only the financial component of the problem. Another feature of middle class is higher education, high qualification and creativity, however, the labor market is overloaded with a huge mass of promising people facing a lack of demand.


To higher educational institutions, young people hope for employment and a stable financial support, not to mention the thoughts become the engine of the state in economic, political, moral and ideological spheres.


Story from the 90s


One entrepreneur from dashing 90-x said - “in Russia to start a business, become a small businessman pointless, judging by their own bitter experience.” This is the story of an intellectual who from year to year to put personal Finance to open a Grand establishments in the capital, which has gained popularity but was closed due to a bureaucratic mess. Endless informal extortions, corruption, regulations, coordination, inspection, tax, police, exterminators and many other structures just zagrali entrepreneur in the corner, after which he was forced to close the asset throughout his life. At the moment, former entrepreneur earns a rare low-paid fees and sitting deep in loans.


History of 2010 years


Banal cited the statistics: in Norway, the average grade is 80%, in USA - 60%. That begs the question: why are other countries worried about social policy, but we don't?! The middle class is a sure indicator of social wellbeing and economic progress, the question is why the government denies this fact.


Director of the Institute of contemporary Economics Nikita Isaev said - “Today is a major profession in Russia is a seller, a driver and guard. And this is clearly not about the middle class, but rather about the staff. It joins the ranks of a growing number of migrants, mainly from Central Asian republics. If at the turn of 1980-1990-ies craving for entrepreneurship has experienced more than 50% of the population, now no more than 1-2%. Many people think of yourself as a staff oil and gas corporations, either at the posts of the officials who serve the interests of the state and quietly sawing the budget.”


And if at the beginning of the 2000s saw a rapid development of medium-sized businesses, by 2010, all went to “no”. Personal income tax, high oil prices, the growing revenues from hydrocarbon exports, the effective redistribution in favour of the economically active population - all this has collapsed due to the financial crisis, the most severe of the nationalization of the economy, strengthening the inefficient state corporations and vertically integrated as in the economic model and political system.


Doctor of Economics Sergey Smirnov says - “the government is doing everything in order, first, to Rob the middle class, and secondly, to prevent its numerical growth and self-awareness as an independent political force. Officials fear the thought that one day these people will ask them: “Guys, confess, where did the taxpayers ' money”.

Author: Вероника Лелюк