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Society 10.05.2019
Memorial plate almost became a Eulogy for 11-year-old girl

Memorial plate almost became a Eulogy for 11-year-old girl

In the village of Kamyshevka Kurgan region in a girl of 11 years dropped the slab of the memorial to the fallen soldiers of the great Patriotic War a few hours after it was installed and commissioned. According to eyewitnesses the installation of the monument "the Villagers thank" was conducted very carelessly and in a hurry to make it in time for Victory Day. Moreover, it was not previously provided protective fencing or warning signs to prevent possible incidents with fatal and traumatic consequences.


In the future, all happened due to the negligence of children who were playing nearby after one of the boys climbed up straight to the building and began to rock it until then, until it fell on the little fifth-grader. Subsequently, she went to the hospital, which is still in a critical state. The public was split into two contending groups: one claims that the fault of careless workers, the other that the responsibility lies with the parents and their children, do not comply with the required rules for all security in public places. Objectively, you can come to conclusions that equally contributed as the first and second.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий