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Politics 7.05.2019
Elected the new head of the anti-corruption court

Elected the new head of the anti-corruption court

The third attempt was elected the next head of the anti-corruption Supreme court of Ukraine. This situation has arisen due to the fact that in the first two rounds, voters left without votes, triggering the need for new elections for the post. Thus, the counting Commission has prepared the following papers and held it all over again. In an anonymous and secret voting took 38 judges, a decision which subsequently cannot be changed. At this time, the next President WACHS acknowledged Elena, Tanasevich, which will occupy this position for three years.


As you know, she graduated from the national law University named after Yaroslav the Wise, and the last seven years worked as a judge of the district court Pecheneg with a salary of 18 000 per month. However, it doesn't matter, because her husband is doing business and earns much more. For example, couples are in possession of is as much as 7 plots of land. According to unconfirmed reports, the annual income of the spouse, Tanasevich is about a million hryvnia per year.


In addition to this position from the appeals chamber also put forward the viewpoint of Galbally and Oleg pavlyshyn, however, to garner enough votes and failed.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий