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Society 7.05.2019
Death from bubonic plague was the cause of the quarantine in Mongolia

Death from bubonic plague was the cause of the quarantine in Mongolia

In Mongolia the couple died from bubonic plague, which triggered a natural entry quarantine regime in the West of the country. At the moment, due to the ongoing measures 17 Russian tourists remain under supervision and unable to leave. Yet none of them was not seen the symptoms of a dangerous disease, however, active movements of them recommended from time to time to refuse, in which case it was possible to provide immediate assistance and to prevent possible further spread of the black death.


As it became known, 38-year-old man and part-time head of the family ignored the ban on hunting marmots and brought home a dead animal. As you know, this breed is a carrier of the disease, which eventually caught the man and his pregnant wife. It is assumed that all the matter in the ancient Mongolian tradition, according to which the hunters with their families eat the kidneys of small animals to stay healthy. So far, about a mass outbreak of the question, however, the border between the two countries overlapped to eliminate the consequences of the incident. Now one hundred and fifty people, one way or another in contact with the dead, are under the supervision of the National center for infectious diseases.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий