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Society 24.04.2019
In Omsk drunk grandpa tried to burn his grandson in the oven

In Omsk drunk grandpa tried to burn his grandson in the oven

In Omsk two-year-old was subjected to an attempt to burn him in a furnace. It all began after the mother went about his business, leaving him in the care of their parents. Meanwhile, 53-year-old man decided to drink, but too carried away, which quickly turned into a state of delirium tremens. After that he was done with his wife squabble in the end which drove her from her home, left with her grandson alone.


In the absence of those who could stop him, grandpa started to play with her grandson, but at some point it seemed to him that he is in the hands of the real demon that must be urgently destroyed. As at hand just turned solidly melted furnace, the decision was taken almost without hesitation. The man shoved the baby into it and that would have ended if meanwhile his wife failed to return home, asking for help from neighbors.


The child was hospitalized with 50% burns of the body immediately on removing from the furnace, at the moment he is in intensive care. An alcoholic was arrested by law enforcement authorities, who noted that the whole family has long been considered to be disadvantaged and not once were they have registered.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий