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Society 23.04.2019
Several people in the Philippines died after earthquakes

Several people in the Philippines died after earthquakes

Philippine skyscraper Anchor Skysuites, a height of 181 meters, was in the range of the earthquake, causing several tons of water from the pool on the roof that resulted in people who were at that moment on the street. As it became known according to the geological service of the United States of America, the scourge gained 6.3 points and made itself felt at a close distance from Manila, the capital of the country.


In the incident, eight people died on the spot, and several are still under the rubble of the debris from the damaged building. At the moment special services is preparing a search-and-rescue operation to rescue people and send them to medical workers. This is the second earthquake in two days, the first occurred in the same regions on Luzon island, with a magnitude of 6.1 points and took five lives. Thus the total number of victims is eleven people, and the victims, there are about thirty.


To date, Philippine authorities declared a state of emergency that was to last until, until you have eliminated all the consequences of the incident, along with the requisite assistance to all remaining in the rubble for victims.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий