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Society 23.04.2019
Almetyevsk student beat up an elderly security guard

Almetyevsk student beat up an elderly security guard

In the city of Almetyevsk, in the school No. 25, one of the students too aggressively responded to the comment of a pensioner who was working as a security guard. Nazar mehtizade, being the son of one of the large entrepreneurs, it is not concerned with the effects, doing all that he pleases. Thus, to make a comment one of the students of an elderly man was beaten by several teenagers, and the person involved in the incident broke his nose.


Since there was no one to stand up for the rights of the pensioner, it decided to hush up to cover up bureaucratic offspring and his friends. As a result, the school administration headed by principal found the optimum two days later write a letter to the security guard, accusing him of drunkenness, which is refuted by all the witnesses to the incident situation. Medical aid is not received as to call for an ambulance did not. After that, the man was fired without the possibility of return to work. Video of the incident was published by one of the students of the institution


So very insolent aggressors remained completely unpunished, and to pursue the matter further the police refused, thinking the incident is exhausted.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий