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Politics 22.04.2019
According to exit-poll Vladimir Zelensky in the lead in elections

According to exit-poll Vladimir Zelensky in the lead in elections

As of today, in the elections of the President of Ukraine in the second round, again winning candidate Vladimir Zelensky, who scored 72,7% of the votes vs. 27.3% on the part of Poroshenko. He concedes victory to the opponent, but to withdraw from politics and to stop fighting is not going to. Parallel to this, his mansion in the village of Kozin heavily guarded, since some enthusiasts decided to stage a picket slogan to say goodbye to the current head of the country immediately as they finally approved the results of the vote and a new President will take his post.


Meanwhile, a gleeful showman and comedian refers to the entire post-Soviet space, which remains under the yoke of modern dictators, with the words: "Look at us, it's possible!". The first thing after the adoption of Affairs in his hands he had planned a major tour of all the cities during which time going to a lot to communicate with residents about their problems. This is considered necessary in order to make the most detailed plan of fixes and improvements in the near future for the already formed democratic team.


In addition, at the closing of the polling stations became aware of 1245 complaints of violations during the elections, then what the police was filed more than 17 criminal cases.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий