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Crime 19.04.2019
A group of Dagestan killed a man because he refused to dance lezginka

A group of Dagestan killed a man because he refused to dance lezginka

In the city of Sevastopol, in one of the local bars, was recently provoked a mass brawl, during which he was stabbed a local resident 34 years. It was initiated three Dagestanis, who came two months ago for construction work. They could not forgive a man refusing to dance with them dance. At the moment open an investigation, and criminals that were detained by police time, a criminal case.


As it became known, the victim was celebrating a friends birthday, when the institution announced three natives of Dagestan are in a state of extreme alcoholic intoxication. Having fun, not the most perspicacious and far-sighted criminal elements forced the bartender to turn the dance to make your evening truly memorable. This would be all over, don't they stop one of the visitors and try to involve him in her makeshift event with the words "let's Dance, huh?!". Having been refused his kind offer, resolidifies dancers tried to get me to participate in your national pastime, the wife of the man, and then started a brawl with all stukalskiy objects and its consequences. During it the victim received several stab wounds and died at the hands of the grieving widow, which has since itself become.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий