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Blogs 18.04.2019
No obvious predictions elections in Ukraine

No obvious predictions elections in Ukraine

Now in Ukraine the following question is relevant: "Who will be President and how will this affect our country?" It affects not only all Ukrainians, but also the world community as a whole. The number of votes for candidates based on their promises and accordingly the policies they will pursue in their background. Yet three candidates eligible for success is Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Zelensky and Yulia Tymoshenko. Of course, many sociologists have said that to entrust the restoration of the state actor and comedian, is too extreme, but the future will show who will stand at the helm: the people or the political elite.

In the first round was a hard struggle between the candidates, EN masse ended in favor of Zelensky. I believe that the showman has introduced this game with the intention that he pulled over the portion of the voting electorate. Then Tymoshenko would be on the 2nd place, and fought for the presidency with the current President, increasing his existing threat of loss of power. The main task Poroshenko is to take out the threat his opponents. He gets it and now he can be easy to defeat Zelensky. But so far this is just theory, because in this case it is almost impossible to predict what results will be achieved in practice.

Author: Anonymous