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Society 17.04.2019
In St. Petersburg the woman traded the body of his daughter

In St. Petersburg the woman traded the body of his daughter

A few days ago it became known about scandalous incident, solosuck the Russian public. Thanks to the former spouse of the woman who was its initiator, the details are made up of state bodies engaged in the investigation of the crime. It was confirmed that the youngest child of the family — a girl of 8 years — has become a popular item for carnal pleasures a new lover careless mother and his friends. Every weekend the child went to pedophiles, for that "pimp" was paid to the order of 5 000-10 000.


The former head of the family was made aware of what is happening to his eldest son, who managed to send him the full proof in form of screenshots. They contained a dialogue about the coming days of the transaction. Since the decision of the court, the father could see his children only two hours once a week, on Thursdays, to learn about what is happening alone it was not possible. At that time the mother, according to the legislation considered most optimal for the maintenance of children in almost any divorce process, unwilling to earn an honest living, and also uses drugs, taking advantage of the privileged situation of single mothers in the society.


Now the investigation is underway, which will be decided the further fate of the culprits of the crime, molesters, who participated in the conspiracy with her, and the girl who needs long-term outpatient and psychiatric rehabilitation.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий