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Blogs 17.04.2019
A closed policy of Russia as a prison of state

A closed policy of Russia as a prison of state

In connection with the situation on the Crimean Peninsula, the Russian Federation was subjected to political and economic pressure from the UN. According to the government, the sanctions are not able to cause significant damage to the economy of the country and its prestige at the international level. Recently the highest echelons of power, the policy of izolowany from the outside world and the concomitant concealment of the information flow from the population. There is an active blocking of popular Internet resources, which deprives Russians of the fundamental values and violates their rights, involving freedom of speech.

Modern man lives in an age of scientific progress, which creates a massive media curtain, designed to provide citizens, internal information peers. Such innovations are aimed in instilling to the people the political ideology of the country, nothing positive in the future does not promise, as intended, primarily, to increase and simplify the control of the people. Today man is living in Russia, you must think and ask yourself the question: "which reality I exist and who manages it?"

Author: Anonymous