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Blogs 16.04.2019
Corruption in the higher echelons of power of the Russian Federation

Corruption in the higher echelons of power of the Russian Federation

At the end of 2018, reported the results of damage due to large-scale corrupt transactions. The total amount of theft was 65.7 billion rubles, which primarily speaks about going to the negligence of officials, heads of large companies, allow themselves to such screaming arrogance. Of course, here everything is quite simple: there will always be servants and masters, on this principle, which built all of human civilization. In this case it specifically correlates with the fact that the Russian man is nurtured by generations of dictators slave cattle. Consequently, this neglect of the people is not surprising, since he allows it to yourself to do. "In the era of technology and information slavery cannot exist" — so declare the policy, but I believe that this is a blatant lie and many Russians I am sure will agree with me. Of course, this bondage can be seen in different aspects, not only as a specific oppression of a certain segment of the community.


In my opinion, the state budget should be used for the construction of schools, kindergartens, parks and homes. However, the funds annually go to the purchase of the Director of the fourth three-bedroom apartments, fifth and tenth cars of the yacht. Sounds not fair, but that is the reality for many years, during which the country has slid into the abyss of corruption.

Author: Anonymous