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Blogs 15.04.2019
The last European dictator

The last European dictator

The Constitution clearly stipulates that the Republic of Belarus is a unitary democratic social legal state. Unfortunately, in practice this statement is absolutely not justified. Most politicians of the Western bloc and the United States of America are opposed to the policy pursued by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who holds the Republic with an iron fist for almost 25 years. Initially they promoted democracy, freedom of speech, protection of rights and interests. All that really exists, but only nominally. Prominent public figures has long been seen through the real aims of the political elite, and hastened to go abroad.

If you recall, at the time, the Belarusians promised salary of $500. For example, I expect it for quite a long time. The promises are not met or only partially implemented, directly before the next elections. Lead a meaningful comparison, which is more than simply reflect the situation. At the moment, the majority of the population are unable to answer the question: "What will you do when the President, who already is winning elections for the last twenty-five years, will leave his post?". Absolutely similar events occurred in postwar Soviet times, when life is gone Stalin. People could not imagine the future of their state without specifically this man at the helm of what is already happening with the people of our Republic.

Author: Anonymous