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Crime 6.03.2019
The brutal murder of son by father

The brutal murder of son by father

The incident happened recently in North-Eastern Moscow region. A young father of 34 years named Savva Nikitin decided that his son, who at the time of the incident was only 5 years old, is a homosexual. Having come to this conclusion, he struck his child more than 60 stab wounds, also killed his wife Maria Matveeva, who tried to stop the execution and save the situation. However, her idea did not succeed. In the end, the story of the incident spread via social media and received massive media coverage thanks to caring friends and relatives of the dead.


As it became known, Savva negative attitude to casual style, which her mother instilled in the child. In his opinion, it is absolutely nothing pierced his ears and dressed in pink clothes, which are often between family members occurred scandals and squabbles. According to Mary, it was not her initiative. Nevertheless, the man picked up a knife and killed his family, leaving on the wall an inscription in the spirit of Taras Bulba. After that Nikitin had tried to commit suicide, but was saved in time from death, and about the incident in the police said the aunt of the wife that came to visit them just right after it ended.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий