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Crime 6.03.2019
Beating suffering from autism of a teenager by prison staff

Beating suffering from autism of a teenager by prison staff

Not so long ago in the city of Krasnodar, the incident occurred, members of which became autistic at the age of 18 years and the staff of the local jail-1. It became known that officers severely beat Vladislav Zhelnina stick on the stomach and threatened to kill his mother, with the intention to forbid her to complain about the unlawful actions elsewhere. Subsequently, she decided to apply to the appropriate authorities and to the letter, which in great detail describes all the details of the incident. Thus, the case gave further course, which led to journalism and public investigation.


As the woman describes, on February 17 was carried out the morning check, during which one of the checks has allowed himself to hit her son. This was followed by an appeal to the Prosecutor that ignored attribute it to the shortcomings of the diagnosis Zhelnina. Followed by a response from the perpetrators of the incident, which threatened the mother with death over her child, ignoring all of its arguments that Vladislav autistic. In the end, they still tried to change her story and denied all guilt, but the Prosecutor ridiculed the woman and advised me to contact him after the actual murder.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий