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Politics 6.03.2019
Yekaterinburg Deputy is indignant with catching pedophiles

Yekaterinburg Deputy is indignant with catching pedophiles

Alexander Kolesnikov today is the Deputy of the city Duma of Ekaterinburg. He disagreed with the usefulness of the actions of the police in search of pedophiles among the General population. In his opinion, they could do something more significant, and calls such a political trend. However, he justifies pedophiles, stating that they are not criminals and all their actions are usually the result of alcoholic intoxication. In addition he is upset that the police began a more thorough check on politicians and their activities, which is likely somehow linked.


However, the responsible for the rights of the child the authorities refute his statements, noting that the recidivism of pedophiles likely at 90 %, so such cases should be tracked and punished to the full extent. Law enforcement agencies should continue to work in this direction, ignoring the attacks that it's just a presidential whim. According to Kolesnikov, power everywhere see caricatures of criminals and rapists, but the real danger, meanwhile, remain without attention and proper restraint of the law.

Author: Anonymous