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Politics 6.03.2019
Belarus will close its borders from Russian debtors

Belarus will close its borders from Russian debtors

This spring will be the closed travel through Belarus for those Russian citizens, who were banned from leaving the country due to high debts. Similar restrictions are imposed by the bailiffs of the Federal service, and the neighbouring country decided to meet them because many debtors are trying in this way to escape from the law and go unpunished. It was therefore appropriate measures are taken to prevent such above from the unreliable citizens of Russia, which now will not remain alternative options in order to avoid punishment.


To keep a record of persons who have a debt to the government, set up a special secure communication channel. It will be sent information about the debtors, who are forbidden to travel abroad. As far as we know, at the moment it is more than 7 million people. Information is confirmed and released after signing the contract, and have to wait no more than two months while this system will not be implemented. The same, incidentally, applies to those who enter the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий