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Crime 6.03.2019
Russian woman killed her newborn baby

Russian woman killed her newborn baby

Recently in the Republic of Udmurtia the mother of three children gave birth to a fourth baby. It happened in the bathroom, then a resident of the city Votkinsk decided that it is easier to kill the baby. To raise him along with everyone else, she didn't want. At the time of the crime she had turned 36 years old, and the incident occurred on 2 December 2018. To turn your plan into action, she blocked the baby's airway, my fingers in his nostrils, and then hid the body in the package, and her husband took it into the trash. There he found the employees of the public service, which hastened to report the incident to the appropriate authorities.

After the investigation began on this case, was a large-scale DNA, which was forced to take part more than 200 women. In the end, they managed to track down the suspect and arrest her. She pleaded guilty and explained that he was not able to get rid of it with the help of clinical intervention, because the pregnancy was too big at that time, when the expectant mother know about it. The husband, as it turned out, were also ignorant and believed that his wife had a miscarriage, as this is the version of events she told him.

Now in relation to mother criminal case under article about the murder of a newborn baby's mother and father listed in the investigation as a witness to the incident.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий