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Politics 6.03.2019
February 14 India and Pakistan stood on the brink of war

February 14 India and Pakistan stood on the brink of war

On Valentine's day, the Pakistani military killed more than 40 employees of the police units in the States of Kashmir and Jammu. This resulted in a reaction, and almost two weeks later, the country said the aggressors. Air force India attacked Pakistan and destroyed several positions of the "Jaish-e-Mohammed" — terrorist organizations, which by negligence and arrogance dared to take responsibility for the incident a terrorist attack from the neighbors. Thus began to flare up local and continental conflict now threatens to escalate into nuclear war.

After the kick was made on the military points of the terrorists, Pakistan shot down two aircraft of the air force of the enemy, killing three people. This aroused the indignation of the Indians, who almost immediately responded in kind, knocking the fighter of the enemy. The public is concerned, as both powers possess nuclear weapons and threaten other States.

Now peace negotiations, but so far nobody knows what it will lead to in the end because of nuclear arms is given in full combat readiness on both sides of the conflict.

Author: Владислав Драгомирецкий